Started to give tuitions for little pocket money, then started enjoying it and giving it for free, that’s usually how educators start educating seekers. After college when the actual job starts the seekers get to know that all the job requires something more than academic knowledge, everyone wants to learn everything whatever they are missing but the seekers have now become workers and givers and thus can not leave their job.This gives them a crunch in time, opportunity, access to tutors,some even can not find an institution or tutor nearby, commutation is a problem and so many more.Once a seeker from a district in Bihar- Madhubani mentioned “ yahan mere subject ka koi instructor nahi hai,online classes bahut menhgi hain, timing match nahi karta” and all those many more issues faced by seekers. Thanks to access to technology in the form of internet and smart phone,we can help everyone with resources to help themselves to upgrade with respect to their personality and office skills. We are also trying to help the undergrad and grad students with resources which they can use for their university,in-house and competitive exams.
We expect to grow with constant feedback , evaluation and upgradation.

Our Contributors

Mr. Anand Dubey
B.E (Civil) , MBA(HR & Operation)
Supply Chain Management

Mrs. Rajani Jha
B.E (E&C) MBA(HR & Operation)
H.R.M Certification(U.C Berkeley U.S.A)