The Factories Act 1984 

With NTA NET exams being conducted online there has been a significant change in the pattern and the questions appearing in the exam. During the written and expanded form of exam a lot of stress was given on The Factories Act, which has been reduced to an average of 1 question from the same. Still as analysis of past papers   cannot be the prediction of upcoming exam paper.

The past questions in the year 2018-2019 on the Factories Act has been concentrated on Schedules, working hours per day in exempt conditions, Industrial safety and time period of payment. Whereas, before this period, concentration has been on conditions and numbers involved in welfare of workers (creche, drinking water, ambulance, other benefits, etc.), officers   (safety and welfare) and schedules. Steps and Ladders have tried to pull in all the information required for the exam. The information is segregated and simplified for an easy understanding. It is important to remember all the headlines with sections because sometime they have been asked, though the details of only section with welfare of workers should be remembered (better to understand than to cram).


Factories Act-Cheatsheet – A Quick Review


NET-Questions-Factories Act



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