Class - IX (C.B.S.E)

For students class 10 Board Exam is the one of the first and probably the most important academic challenge in the academic life.Success of a student in 10th Board Exam doesn’t depend only upon the efforts they put in during that one year. When it comes to 10th Board Exams, they are a test of the solid academic foundation of over 10 years of education that the student has imbibed in his/her school life. Class 9 studies is more important in laying a very strong foundation for 10th Class Board Exam.

Class 9 marks a turning point in the life of a school student, where student realize what is at stake in next one year. Setting up strong academic foundation during Class 9 studies by students can go a long way in paving the way ahead in cracking the biggest test of one’s student life.

We at Steps & ladders understand the important role that Class 9 studies can play in preparing a strong base for the 10th Board Exams. To help students, who are currently in Class 9 and preparing for the upcoming challenge we have compiled several important resources here.