By Manoj Kumar Singh (Market Research, Capgemini)

‘What is your plan?’ How often have you come across this word? Almost always and at every stage of your life, when you have to think what and how things have to be done. After executing a perfect plan to achieve those good marks to get into a good college and then again making another plan to be on the top of everything throughout your college, you breathe a sigh of relief on seeing your name in the list of candidates being selected in one of your dream company.

First jobThen on the same day you party on your accomplishment and feel triumphant with a thought lingering in your mind – ‘Finally no more plans because now I have job’. But sorry to be a terrible party pooper on revealing that the word ‘plan’ would always going to stay in your life and of course in your professional life.

You plan to be punctual, diligent, honest, pro active and all sorts of traits that can bring you in good books of your manger. But as you know a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, so it is imminent that altercation with manager may happen even if you are right. If you stick to your stand, it may hamper your growth because no one wants to keep their managers on the other side of the court.

Despite all your hard work, sincerity, honesty etc and intermittent disagreements with your manager how you should manage your relation with the manager.

My advice is always keep a cool head even if you feel agitated. Show your disagreement in a humble way and avoid being rude in your manner. Put forth your suggestion because it shows that the person has a view point to any given situation which is expected of any able-minded person. Always be right in your conduct so that no one can find any chink in your armour. Never compromise on your ethics as it defines your personality.

To climb the career ladder, it is also not wise to be submissive to the manager. This approach may not work every time because after a certain stage you will be expected of having your own opinion and having collaborative approach. You don’t have any obligation of bearing the frenetic behaviour of your boss. The problem is that when employees keep their mouths shut about their boss’s irrational behaviour, their manager’s behaviour gets reinforced.

Also try to acknowledge the efforts put in by the manager to show how important role he is playing in your learning curve. This will strengthen and boost his morale of nurturing his team in a constructive manner devoid of petty politics. Be clear of your expectations so that the transaction between you and the manager is mutually beneficial.

So in the process enjoy your work, keep learning and walk a fine line.

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