Have you ever ponder over the level of strain the rope goes into a ‘Tug-of-war’.  And again can you relate any person in real life undergoing the same kind of predicament. If anyone can stick to this analogy truly, are our mid-level executives from the corporate world.  Along with starry perks, there is an unavoidable energy sucking responsibility they need to execute with a pretentious smile on their face. And this is the task of managing a team with the vision and mission aligned with those of the company.

These managers have the task of allocating task to their team members, giving guidance on any issues, be it technical or professional, molding a fresh new recruit inducted in the team and at the end evaluating their performances. And all these have to be done within the purview of what senior management has set for the manager and his team.

Many of our friends must have cried out to you that despite their hard-work they have not been rewarded in their appraisals or they have been pulled into dirty office politics. Now who usually is blamed for all these situations, it’s the very unusual and one of a kind- ‘The managers’.

We need to understand the kind of messy plight these managers are subjected to by the senior management. The manager has to work according to the target set by the management. To achieve that the manager might give preference to a person who he knows can do a particular task efficiently. Now this preference may give way to jealousy in some enervated teammates. And when the person, who had been preferred by the manager, gets unfair deal in the appraisal he grumbles about it.

Also the manager can’t justify his conduct by explaining the reason behind his step. He can’t offend any of his team members by telling that your caliber doesn’t match to any other person in the team. Neither can he put a sorry figure by revealing that he didn’t get approval from the senior management for your promotion because of the paucity of fund. So it is always difficult to give equal treatment to all of his team members because all fingers are not equal so do the treatment.

At the end, just be vigilant of your career, so it doesn’t get derail on the way to the future. Learn as much as you can, meet new people and new ideas and have broader perspective towards your manager.

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